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  per audit for a fund with less than 8 investments and without borrowings


per audit if more than 8 investments


per audit with a fund with less than 5 investments with borrowings


Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) AUDITOR

Eagle SMSF Auditing

SMSF AUDITS – ASIC Registered SMSF Auditor

Eagle SMSF Auditing provide a Self Managed Super Fund auditing service to persons and corporations managing their own super funds, as well as accountants and such persons or organisations?

SMSF AUDITS are required by the ATO for all self managed super funds.

Why do we exist?

In recent years Australia has seen a boom in the number of self managed super funds and with good reason. A self managed super fund can provide a great deal of flexibility with your retirement investments as well as decreasing your tax liabilities, far more than large organisation managed super funds can.

The Australian government requires self managed super funds to be audited by a qualified accountant who can ensure the fund is being properly managed in accordance with Australian laws. An SMSF auditor must be independent from the accountant providing accounting to the person or organisation who owns or manages the self managed super fund.

Who do we Service

Eagle SMSF Auditing was set up to provide this super fund auditing service and now provides not only to Brisbane persons, companies and accountants but entities all over Australia.

We provide an efficient, cost-effective and speedy SMSF auditing service that will ensure that your self managed super fund is meeting its auditing requirements.

OK – I have an SMSF or am an accountant with clients who have SMSF’s that need auditing… what’s the process?

Mouse over the “Start Here” navigation item in the top menu you’ll see a list of options relevant to you including:-

  1. Information about Self Managed Super Funds
  2. Information for private SMSF managers
  3. Information for Accountants
  4. Documents for download that we need completed to complete a SMSF audit.
  5. An enquiry and upload form to send the documents in.

How long does it take?

In many cases we offer a 72 hour turn around assuming we have received all necessary forms and details from you. With more complex audits and during especially busy times of the year, please allow 10 days for us to complete your audit.