smsf audit services


April 2012 heralded the launch of Eagle SMSF Audit Brisbane with the sole purpose of providing cut-price, fast turnaround, online auditing services of self managed super funds. I am a ASIC registered Self Managed Super Fund Auditor – registration number 100169051. All self managed super funds must have a smsf audit every year.

The past six years has seen an explosion in the number of persons managing their own superannuation funds and with good reason. Volatility in the stock market has seen the company managed superannuation funds take a white knuckle ride up initially high growth followed by large falls. Much company superannuation funds also tend to come with large fees were as a self managed superannuation fund has greatly small fees. There are also big lifestyle and taxation benefits with fund managers be up to invest in investment properties or even their own home.

It is a legal requirement in Australia for all self managed super funds to be audited yearly by a ASIC Registered SMSF Auditor to ensure the fund is being operated within Australian superannuation and taxation law. The auditor cannot be your normal accountant as the audit requires transparency which can only be done by a neutral, arms length auditor. You can no longer use your accounting firm to do your SMSF audit as this is not considered to be a truely independant audit by the Australian Taxation Office.

Whereas it is usually very important to meet face-to-face with your everyday accountant to learn the best way to provide your financial information to your accountant so they can prepare the financial statements and taxation returns that the auditor will require it is not necessary to meet face-to-face with an SMSF auditor as they are really only interested in checking that everything is above board with your self managed super fund. All self managed super funds must have smsf audit every year.

Whether you are in Brisbane or someone else in Australia it makes no difference we can provide you with a high-quality auditing service to your self managed super fund over the Internet and in most cases we do so with a 72 hour turnaround. We offer this service to fund managers and accountants alike so if you are an accountant looking to find an ore reserve for your clients self-managed super fund certainly this is a service we provide.