The Coalition (Liberal/NP) government also proposes to make, or is already in the process of making, the following non-financial changes to superannuation:

  • Introduction of product dashboards. This measure allows fund members to more easily compare fees, investment returns, and insurance premiums.
  • Introduction of portfolio holdings disclosure. This measure allows fund members to know where their super savings are invested.
  • Introduction of retirement income projections. Tools to help Australians plan ahead and predict expected retirement incomes.
  • Use of pre-filled TFN and choice forms. This measure is designed to help a fund member keep track of existing super account when starting a new job.
  • Extension of choice of fund. The Coalition government hopes to extend fund choice to the 30% of the Australian population that currently cannot choose their own super fund.

For information on all of the super rules applicable for the 2017/2018 year, including rules that did not change from 1 July 2017, see SuperGuide article Superannuation checklist: What rules apply for the 2017/2018 year?