Collect the documentation that you need for your fund and copy each document into a separate PDF file. (Please do not copy all the documents into a single PDF file).

Your options for getting these PDF documents to us are:-

a. Using our Drop Box facility. If you do not already have access to this than send us an Email Request to access our Drop Box. When we reply accept the invite, in Drop Box create a folder with the fund name, drop the files into our Box. Then send another email letting us know there is an audit for us to do and the name of the folder (This is the preferred method because using Drop Box does not have the document size restrictions that are attached to emails) or

b. Email the documents to us (unfortunately there are limits to the size of an email and so you might find that you need to send just a few files at a time and several emails) or

c. Mail them to us at PO Box 164, Eagle Heights Qld 4271

We’ll be in touch shortly after that to confirm a price and timing for the Audit.